Stake’s strategic entry into the UK market in 2021 marks a key milestone, laying the groundwork for an exciting relationship with TGP Europe. Stake’s unrivalled expertise in delivering cutting-edge gaming experiences is combined with TGP Europe’s wide network and robust B2B solutions in this collaboration.

Stake’s drive to connecting both local and worldwide audiences matches seamlessly with TGP Europe’s mission for innovation and excellence as the current front-of-shirt sponsor of Everton FC and a past partner of Watford FC. The brand’s reach extends far beyond the playing field, with strategic sponsorships covering the UFC, football, and Formula 1 across Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Brazil.

Stake has established its presence in the fast-paced world of Formula 1 through a dynamic cooperation with the Alfa Romeo F1 Team, demonstrating a common commitment to pushing limits and achieving greatness. This cooperation demonstrates TGP Europe and Stake’s shared commitment to providing unique entertainment experiences and raising industry standards.

TGP Europe and Stake are embarking on a journey that crosses traditional borders, combining cutting-edge technology, industry insight, and a desire for excellence. This collaboration has the potential to reshape the landscape of B2B gaming solutions, giving operators access to an innovative and exciting future.

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