Sportsbet.io, a pioneer in the area of online sports betting, was founded in 2016 as part of the Yolo Group and has enjoyed global success as a crypto sportsbook & casino. Sportsbet.io partnered with TGP Europe and launched sportsbook, casino, and virtual sports offerings to UK players in 2019, operating as Sportsbetio.uk.

Sportsbet.io’s dedication to quality is shown by its strategic alliances. Sportsbet.io has built strong ties with top-tier football clubs, currently serving as the betting partner for Newcastle United FC and occupying the coveted front-of-shirt spot for Southampton FC. The brand has a lengthy history in the sports sector, having previously been a betting partner of Arsenal FC and a front-of-shirt sponsor of Watford FC.

TGP Europe and Sportsbet.io have formed a synergistic relationship to push the boundaries of gaming innovation. TGP Europe, a well-known B2B player, contributes its knowledge and technological power to Sportsbet.io’s avant-garde approach. They hope to develop an unrivalled gaming experience by combining cutting-edge technology with a thorough understanding of consumer needs.

Expect a tsunami of creativity that goes beyond traditional bounds as this dynamic alliance evolves. TGP Europe and Sportsbet.io are collaborating to provide not just a flawless gaming experience, but also to set new standards for reliability, security, and user engagement.

TGP Europe and Sportsbet.io are not just creating a partnership; they are shaping the future of B2B gaming. This alliance, with Sportsbet.io’s long tradition in sports betting and casino entertainment and TGP Europe’s commitment to technological excellence, is set to take the gaming landscape to new heights. Welcome to the future of gaming, where brilliance and innovation collide, and players enter a new era of excitement and possibilities.

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