Duelbits was founded in early 2020 and has enjoyed a string of global success as an online cryptocurrency sportsbook & casino. Duelbits is at the vanguard of the worldwide online gaming business, with a focus on offering an amazing user experience and forging strategic collaborations.

One of Duelbits’ most notable accomplishments has been the establishment of global relationships with prestigious institutions such as the Argentina National Football Team, for whom Duelbits proudly serves as a regional sponsor in Latin America. Furthermore, as Aston Villa FC’s European betting partner, Duelbits has demonstrated its dedication to sports and entertainment on a global scale.

TGP Europe and Duelbits’ strategic alliance reflects a perfect fusion of knowledge, creativity, and a shared commitment to providing an outstanding gaming experience for UK users. With its significant industry knowledge and cutting-edge technology solutions, TGP Europe is well-positioned to expand Duelbits’ reach and influence in the constantly evolving UK market.

As the partnership between TGP Europe and Duelbits takes shape, the industry can look forward to a new age of innovation, excitement, and player-centric products. This collaboration is a significant milestone for both firms, demonstrating their shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of online gaming and providing an unrivalled entertainment destination for UK users.

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